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Cina, Japan and South Korea qualify for women's semi-finals from Pacific-Asia Curling Championships

Hosts Tiongkok, Japan and Southerly Korea have all trained for the might semi-finals at the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships, after the sixth procedure of round-robin games within Shenzhen.

China secured their particular progress with a 17-2 win over Kazakhstan at the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center.

In the direction of victory, in the first end, the home nation launched the particular scoring with more effective factors, when skip Yu Ryan made a pull on top of the edge regarding the eight-foot ring.

Prospect Zhao Ruiyi added enhancements in China's shot-making.

"There are some shots we weren't able to help to make in the last games and all of us tried to practice and even made some of these individuals in this game, " she said.

"We've been improving the performance as well as the precision of our draws, and we'll try to participate in some more challenging shots. "

Japan advanced immediately after whipping Hong Kong 15-1, while South Korea have so after launching together with a seven-point end to a 20-0 victory more than Qatar.

컬링 qualified groups have a file of five profits together with one loss.

There is certainly one more session of round-robin game titles tomorrow morning hours, whenever the fourth-placed team will definitely be determined.

Far east Taipei, 13-0 winners over Australia today, currently carry that will position with three benefits and three losses.

Sydney, Hong Kong and Kazakhstan are all behind them all, with just two wins.
The first 3 men’s semi-final qualifiers have been chose in the day, whenever China beat Kazakhstan 13-1, South Korea defeated Hong Kong 15-3 and Japan edged past Chinese Taipei 6-5.

In the penultimate round-robin procedure in the nighttime, a 10-point victory intended for New Zealand against Hk was enough to clinch the last playoff put obtaining overcome Nigeria 18-3 early in the working day,

The fourth end regarding the game saw Fresh Zealand's skip Scott Becker play a hit vast on the 12-foot circle that secured his team two points as well as a 5-2 direct.

Then, from the seventh ending, he made the draw, which was enough to score six points.

New Zealand led 14-3 at the fact that period before Hong Kong conceded as soon as the eighth finish at 14-4.

"It [the opportunity to contend inside the playoffs] absolutely gives us this confidence to play well and win, " Becker mentioned.

The focus for this men's squads in tomorrow's last round-robin program is going to be their closing jobs in the top a number of.

South Korea, 7-5 victors at the expense regarding Sydney in their subsequent match of the day, currently head the way with the ideal eight wins away of seven.

China together with Japan are tied to get second place on seven is victorious after the last mentioned sound the former 8-7, even though New Zealand are other on five wins.

There are mixed fortunes for Qatar today, losing 10-3 for you to Australia before conquering Nigeria 14-3, and Chinese Taipei bounced back from their very own damage to Japan by simply beating Kazakhstan 7-5.

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